About Sydnie Mauch & Empowered Play

Why I do what I do

A little bit about me

I am Sydnie, a Minnesota native who has made the Austin area my home for the past five years. Throughout my career, I have gained diverse experiences, having worked as a veterinary technician, brewery manager, and bartender, demonstrating my versatility and unwavering dedication.

As a former Dll Collegiate Volleyball Alumna from Minnesota Duluth, I had the privilege of earning several notable accolades, including All American, MVP, All Conference, and All Region recognition. I am proud to hold the block record for the program, a testament to my exceptional skills on the court. Fueled by my passion for animals and marine biology, I pursued a degree in Biology and Latin American studies, ultimately leading me to Texas, where I am currently pursuing a Masters in Marine Science and Marine Mammal Conservation at Unity College. 

Coaching has been an integral part of my life since my high school days, but it was during my college career that I discovered my true passion for mentoring aspiring athletes. My journey as a coach began with leading the nationals 16 “Baden equivalent” team under Minnesota North, guiding them to the Orlando National Semi-finals after defeating the MN North 16 “adidas equivalent” team. Building on this success, I continued coaching the same team, nurturing their ambitions and helping them achieve their college goals. Upon relocating to Texas, I was invited to assist in their final National tournament in Arizona, where several of my players have gone on to play collegiate volleyball. It brings me great joy to see them graduating in 2023.

One of my greatest strengths as a coach lies in my ability to establish strong relationships with my players and instill confidence in them. I believe in developing not only their technical skills but also their love for the game. In recent years, I have served as the Head Coach for AP 14 Lite Black in the 2021-22 season, AP 12 Baden and 15 Lite Highlighter in the 2022-23 season, AP 11 Baden and 17 Adidas assistant in the 2023-24 season. With a deep passion for athletics, volleyball, physical and mental health, I embody a unique combination of expertise, dedication, and compassion to those around me. My personal journey and accomplishments reflect my unwavering commitment to personal growth, mentorship, and positively impacting the lives of those I work with.

My goal with Empowered Play is to instill confidence into my athletes and help them feel empowered not only in volleyball but all aspects of life.


Feedback & Reviews

“Coach Sydnie is an awesome coach. She offers her athletes technical and specific instruction to improve in their position. Then she gives them quality feedback. Every single time. Sydnie’s warmups and planned skills are creative, authentic, and create correct muscle memory for the players. Some of private lessons have been like a year’s worth of training and improvement in one hour. I cannot speak more highly about Sydnie—she really knows her stuff. And brings out the best in her athletes.”

Karen R.


Sydnie is a phenomenal coach! Coach Sydnie has coached our daughters for almost two summers and their skill level has improved tremendously. One of our daughters could not over hand serve last summer, by the end of the summer she had learned how to over hand serve.  Coach Sydnie is patient, effective communicator, honest and teaches successful skill techniques.”

Laura H.


My daughter has been attending volleyball lessons with Coach Sydnie for about a month now. We are impressed with the way she interacts with the athletes because she takes the time to stop and make corrections before continuing with reps. Her expertise in footwork and technique has made a difference in our daughter’s performance.



‘”My daughter (12) has worked with Coach Sydnie for almost a year now. I’m always impressed by how much time Sydnie puts into planning each lesson to specifically to help my daughter continue to improve. She is meticulous in providing an individualized plan at each lesson. Coach Sydnie always gives her clients a few pointers to continue to work on at home. My daughter has continued to improve and meet her goals session over session.”

Jennifer B.


Sydnie is a hands on coach who is dedicated to seeing growth in players of every ability. She takes time to break down technique and fixes small things like finger placement. She challenges players to reach a high level and does not go easy on them. The biggest gift Sydnie gives her players is teaching them to be supportive teammates. The camaraderie she creates among teammates is unmatched.

Kristin W.


I'm here for you!

As your coach in your corner I am happy to provide any recommendations, answer questions and ease your mind about the incredible sport of volleyball. Lets book a session and get to work!