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Empowered Play Policies

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy:

We highly value your commitment to lessons and the time dedicated specifically to help
you become an empowered athlete. We understand that schedule adjustments may be
necessary from time to time. Therefore, a gym fee will be charged for any cancelations that are not able to be filled by the time of lesson. If I am unable to make a lesson there will be no fee associated with cancelations and I will do my best to find a fill in coach to conduct the lesson. 

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made and unable to fill gym fee +$25

– No Shows: Full fee issues

 Late Policy:

I book back to back, so our one hour session is limited to one hour regardless of arrival time. I will end each session 5 minutes early to assess and talk and answer any questions you may have

 Spectator Policy:

 Please ask your athlete what they prefer, some kids do not like their parents to be present for sessions and love the space to be free of pressure and distractions. Others enjoy having the support of a parent and get excited when things “click” or they excel. My personal experience is that kids are more likely to excel without a parent in the gym but have that conversation with them and see what their preference is. I am here for you! So it is up to you!